An Inklings Conference: The Fellowship of the Inklings

Experience a weekend of drama, seminars, and fellowship focused on J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis at The King's Chapel second annual Inklings Conference. This year, we will be focusing on friendship and love among the Inklings.



  • FRIDAY, 7:30PM: A Tolkien play, My Lúthien -  The Remarkable Love Story of Edith Bratt & JR.R. Tolkien, Q&A with actors, light refreshments.
  • SATURDAY, 9AM-2PM: All lectures, morning refreshments, two breakout sessions, and a fellowship lunch.


Early-bird Registration through  Nov 17 : $30 (Students & Seniors: $15)
Regular Registration through Nov 22: $40 (Students & Seniors: $25)     

NOV 22, Play Only Registration

 A Tolkien play: My Lúthien - The Remarkable Love Story of Edith Bratt & JR.R. Tolkien, Q&A with actors, light refreshments - $10


SUNDAY, 10AM: An Inklings-inspired performance by Acts of Renewal

Childcare: Childcare is available for children ages 4 months - 4 years for both Friday and/or Saturday.  Reservations must be secured no later than  Nov 17. Friday - $10/family,  Saturday - $25/family. Reserve childcare on the registration form.

Refunds: Available at 50% through Nov 17. No refunds will be given after Nov 17. No refunds for Friday's Play after purchase.



7:30PM: Doors open: Light refreshments available in the Lobby
Tolkien Play,  "Acts of Renewal",  a one-act play about the fascinating life of J.R.R. Tolkien as seen from the lens of his marriage, with Jim Shores and Carol Anderson Shores (Acts of Renewal). Followed by Q & A with actors. 

Saturday, November 23 | 9:30AM-2:00PM

9:00AM:  Registration -  Coffee, Tea, and Light Refreshments
9:30AM: Plenary Session: Welcome & Prayer - Pastor Bill Jeschke,
"The Love Letters & Poems of Mrs. C.S. Lewis" read by Carol Anderson Shores (Auditorium)
10:15AM-11:15AM: Breakout Seminar I (Classrooms)
11:15AM- 11:30AM: Morning Break - Coffee, Tea, and Refreshments  (Lobby)
11:30AM-12:30PMBreakout Seminar II (Classrooms)
12:30PM-1:15PM: Fellowship Lunch  (Auditorium) 
1:15PM-2:00PM: Inklings Panel of Seminar Leaders Q&A (Auditorium)  

Seminar faculty & Topics

Conferees choose from two of the four seminar topics below.  You will make these choices during registration.  Session descriptions are coming soon.


Brett Jeschke, MA & MT
Seminar Topic:  
J.R.R. Tolkien on Friendship and Fellowship

Brett Jeschke, MA & MT,
has been an avid Inklings reader since he was a small boy. He started with Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia and moved through The Lord of the Rings when he was eleven years old. Brett managed to finish his first read-through of Tolkien's masterpiece in just under twenty-four days and has been reading both Tolkien and Lewis ever since. Brett is currently a Christian Studies teacher at Trinity Christian School in Fairfax, has taught Western Civilization courses at Northern Virginia Community College for the last five years, and has two Masters in Teaching and History respectively. He has written graduate papers on the cultural history of the Great War and has studied both the war poets and conducted graduate research on Lewis. Brett continues to read both Lewis and Tolkien and often integrates their writings, and their Christian, cultural perspectives into his teaching and work. He has been married to his beautiful wife Barbee for the last ten years, and has four lovely, young children. 
Seminar Topic: "J.R.R. Tolkien on Friendship and Fellowship" 
What is the nature and role of relationships, friendship, and fellowship in The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien's other works? Tolkien's writings are rich with themes of meeting and parting. This seminar will look at those characters who wander along the road as they meet, part, walk, and sometimes run with one another.

Dr. Cory Grewell,
Ph. D. 
Seminar Topic:  CS Lewis on Love

Dr. Cory Grewell, Ph. D.
, teaches classes in Western Literature, British Literature, Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, and Literary Criticism at Patrick Henry College. He has published work on Owen Barfield and J.R.R. Tolkien as well as Contemporary Medievalism and Noir Fiction. His scholarly interests are Christianity and Literature, especially the imaginative intersection between reading, writing, and participating; the Being of God; Renaissance Drama; Detective Fiction; and the works of the Inklings, especially Owen Barfield. His essay on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fall of Arthur, entitled “The Elegaic Fantasy of Past Christendom” featured in the book Inklings and Arthur won the Mythopoeic Society’s award for best Scholarly Book of the Year in Inklings Studies. Outside of academics, Dr. Grewell enjoys golf, baseball, and long-form TV drama. He lives in Round Hill with his lovely wife, two handsome and charming sons, and cantankerous dachshund Gatsby.


Seminar Topic: “Love Makes the Cosmos Go Round: The Creative and Sustaining Nature of Love in the Work of C.S. Lewis.” 
This seminar will focus on the importance of love, for Lewis, as an imaginative and creative power that gives birth to and upholds relationships between humans, between human and divine, and between God and His creation.  Familiarity with The Four Loves, Perelandra, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and ‘Til We Have Faces would be helpful, but is not required.


Melanie Jeschke, MA
Seminar Topics: 
The Friendship of Lewis & Tolkien
The Fellowship of The Inklings

Melanie Jeschke, MA, 
Melanie Jeschke, an adjunct professor of English Composition and Literature, has taught at Marymount University, NOVA (Manassas) and Patrick Henry College. Melanie is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate in English from the University of Virginia, with a MA in English Literature from George Mason University, and took graduate courses at Oxford University.  A home-schooling mother of nine, she has also taught English in both public and private high schools. She is the author of a series of novels set around the Inklings, called The Oxford Chronicles (including Inklings, Intentions, Expectations, & Evasions). She has also written a contemporary adaptation of Jane Eyre called Jillian Dare, the chapter on Oxford for Rick Steves’ England guidebook, and numerous articles published in newspapers, WORLD magazine, and a Tolkien Journal called Silver Leaves.  Melanie became a Lewis fan while reading The Chronicles of Narnia to her children. Through God’s providence and plan, she has been able to participate in seven C.S. Lewis Summer Institute “Oxbridge” conferences, a triennial conference sponsored by the C.S. Lewis Foundation in Oxford and Cambridge, where she has served as a hostess, Oxford walking tour guide, and a faculty member, teaching on Jane Austen. She has also traveled extensively and conducted two tours to the UK, where she sets her novels.  She is married to Bill Jeschke, Senior Pastor of The King’s Chapel.
Seminar Topic #1: “The Fellowship of the Inklings”  
Just who were the Inklings and why are they important? This seminar is an introduction to the men and works of arguably the most influential literary gathering of the 20th century. 
Seminar Topic #2: “The Friendship of Lewis & Tolkien” 
The complex friendship of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien directly impacted two of the most beloved literary creations of the 20th century, Narnia and Middle-earth. This seminar focuses on the parallels in the authors’ lives and the importance of their friendship to their faith and creative vision.

 Sunday, November 24 | 10:00AM-11:15AM

Join us at The King's Chapel Sunday Worship Service with an Inklings-inspired performance by Acts of Renewal.