At The King's Chapel, we proclaim the Gospel in it’s most simple terms this way: Jesus lived a life we could not live (a sinless life), He died a death we should have died (a sinners death), He rose to give us a life we could never have otherwise (resurrected life), and He alone is the way, the truth and the life – the only way to God and eternal life. 

 We at TKC explain the Gospel in more detailed terms this way: There was, is, and always will be one God, who made heaven and earth and everything in it. We believe He made man and women in His image and likeness, and like Him we were created with dignity, value, worth and purpose. But instead of fulfilling our ultimate purpose of bringing Him glory, we turned our backs on God and chose to sin against Him. We chose to rebel and disobey and in a way substitute ourselves as god. Living our life by our own standards, and bringing ourselves glory instead of Him. 

 Because of that decision, we’ve willingly separated ourselves from God, not wanting to relate to God, but to be god ourselves. In doing so, we’ve put ourselves under the judgment of God instead of the grace and mercy of God. But even though we’ve turned our backs willingly away from God, He lovingly came into human history as the man Jesus Christ—  fully God and fully man. We believe He was born of a virgin, and lived a life without sin, even after he was tempted in every way you and I are. 

 And even though Jesus lived a sinless life, he willingly went to the cross to die a sinners death, and in doing so substituted Himself for us, the sinless One for the sinful ones. When Jesus went to the cross He willingly took upon himself the sin of the world. Jesus Christ, God who was also fully man, died in our place for our sins, satisfying the justice of God toward sin and securing the grace and mercy of God for those who believe in Him. 

 Jesus’ deceased body was then put in a tomb, and for three days he was buried. But on the third day Jesus rose from the grave, proving his authority over sin, death, Satan and demons. In that authority he commissioned us to tell everyone this good news, that there is a God who passionately, continually, lovingly and relentlessly pursues us. 

We also believe The Bridge to Life from the U.S. Navigator's web site provides one of the best illustrations of the Gospel. 

 We are happy to talk with you, answer your questions, or otherwise help you as you try to understand the gospel or desire to accept Christ as your Savior. Please call us today at 703-543-6201.